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Shuttlecock "Year Two" Photo Zine

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Image of Shuttlecock "Year Two" Photo Zine

A photo zine collecting 40 of our favorite photos from Shuttlecock's second year online (June 2016-June 2017). Artists featured inside include Bib, Blindside USA, Bummer, C.C.T.V., Dettsa, Dead Dads Club, Deaton Chris Anthony, Ebony Tusks, False Brother, George Clinton, Haram, Lil Pump, Maal & Morris, Mace, Narc Parade, Nancy, Power Trip, Nitecrawlers, Run The Jewels, Show Me The Body, The Body & Full Of Hell, Vince Staples, Warm Bodies, Young Thug, and more.

Risograph printed at Oddities Prints in Kansas City, MO, USA.